Some questions could involve BOTH algebra and fractions. Double the fun.

You Can Cancel Terms On The Top And Bottom

so 2xy4/ xy just becomes 2xy3.

Look out for quadratics though! Look at this example:

Fractions in algebra equation

Multiplying / Dividing Fractions With Algebra

The same rules as with numbers:

  • Multiply top and bottom separately
  • To divide just flip the second fraction and multiply

Adding / Subtracting 

To do this you need to find a common denominator, like with numbers. Usually this just involves multiplying both denominators together.

You then have to multiply top and bottom of each fraction by whatever gives you the common denominator.

You can then add the numerators. Here’s an example:another algebra in equations exampleSo now you just expand the brackets on the top of each fraction and add together. Have a go now.

You should have come out with 5x – 5 on the top and (x+2)(x-3) on the bottom.

You did. Great! Let’s move on.