Congruent Triangles

Congruent shapes are the same in size and shape….however they might be rotated or reflected.

Proving Triangles Are Congruent

If asked to prove triangles are congruent work out all the angles and lengths you can…then if any of the following are true you can say they are congruent.

  • Three Sides Are The Same (SSS)side side side
  • Two Angles And A Corresponding Side Are The Same (AAS)

angle angle side

  • Two Sides And The Angle Between Them Are The Same (SAS)

side angle side

  • In A Right Angled Triangle The Hypotenuse And One Other Side Are The Same (RHS)right angle, hypotenuse and side

NOTE:┬áJust because all the angles are the same, it doesn’t mean triangles are congruent!!