Powers, Roots And Indices

There’s a few rules you might need to know about dealing with powers.

1) When multiplying you add the powersmultiplying powers2) When dividing you subtract the powersdividing powers3) If you raise one power to another then multiply the powerspower to the power4) Anything to the power one is itselfto the power one5) Anything to the power zero is oneto the power zero6) One to the power anything is oneone to the power x7) When a fraction is involved just apply the power to the top and bottom

fractional powers

8) For a negative power just flip the fraction (remember you can flip a whole number over 1 – so 8 becomes 1/8)negative powers9) To the power a half just means find the square root, to the power 3 means find the cubed root etcfractional powers10) Just do fractional powers in two stagestwo stage