In some of the wordier questions examiners might throw in a few terms like “integer” or “irrational number”, so make sure you know what these words mean!

What Are Integers?

Easy one – it just means a whole number (either positive of negative).

So -3 is an integer. 0.5 isn’t.

0 is considered to be an integer too.

What Are Rational Numbers?

These are just numbers that can be written as fractions. They are the numbers you deal with the most. They come in three forms:

Fractions – e.g. a quarter, 3/8
Terminating or recurring decimals – e.g. 0.56, 1/8, 0.143143143143….. (which is actually 143/999).

What Are Irrational Numbers?

These are a pain. They just keep going on forever with never ending, non-repeating decimals.

Square roots of positive numbers are either integers or irrational.

The most famous irrational number is pi. Another famous example (not famous like Kim Kardashian…unless you’re a maths teacher) is √2.

You need to make sure you know the terms so you don’t get tripped up in the exam!